This one is by far the best VPS cloud service I’ve ever used


Free registration, after that you will be able to see the Control Panel as a glance .

These are some hightlighted features I’ll take you through :

  1. Awesomely CHEAP : 0.007$ per one hour, 5$  for a month of use, with  a powerful server : RAM 512MB, CPU 2-3GHz, 20GB hard disk driver SSD, 1 Terabyte Bandwidth .do_1
  2. Five most popular distros : Arch, CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu và Fedora (x86 and x64)
  3. 3 Servers reside in New York, San Francisco and  Amsterdam .
  4. Downloading speed from  SpeedTest is about > 10 MB/s, it depends on internet traffic and will have a much better performance  (click to resize this picture below)do_5
  5. You pay for what you used, after 4 hours  3 cents has been deducted (just 0.03 $, so cool !)do_2
  6. Brilliant Support , takes them two hours or half of a day to reply your question ticketsdo_3
  7. Anytime backup whenever you want to, they also offer automatic backup every day for you, totally no hidden fee .
  8. Takes approximately half minute to initialize your VPS.  Create as many server as you want to (default is five, but you can increase this limitation for free) . They charge you for what you use . When you destroy your VPS, your money is safe-kept
  9. Google Authenticator for account 2-step verification,  KVM technology give you the option to control the VPS through line console over web interface, Commission for anyone you refer, API RESTful , automated  RSA  Key for your next VPS creation …do_4
  10. Paying through Credit card or Paypal, very fast and secure.And there will be much much more for you to find out at : Website : WWW.DIGITALOCEAN.COM
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