Digital Ocean Review : best cheap cloud VPS

This one is by far the best VPS cloud service I’ve ever used


Free registration, after that you will be able to see the Control Panel as a glance .

These are some hightlighted features I’ll take you through :

  1. Awesomely CHEAP : 0.007$ per one hour, 5$  for a month of use, with  a powerful server : RAM 512MB, CPU 2-3GHz, 20GB hard disk driver SSD, 1 Terabyte Bandwidth .do_1
  2. Five most popular distros : Arch, CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu và Fedora (x86 and x64)
  3. 3 Servers reside in New York, San Francisco and  Amsterdam .
  4. Downloading speed from  SpeedTest is about > 10 MB/s, it depends on internet traffic and will have a much better performance  (click to resize this picture below)do_5
  5. You pay for what you used, after 4 hours  3 cents has been deducted (just 0.03 $, so cool !)do_2
  6. Brilliant Support , takes them two hours or half of a day to reply your question ticketsdo_3
  7. Anytime backup whenever you want to, they also offer automatic backup every day for you, totally no hidden fee .
  8. Takes approximately half minute to initialize your VPS.  Create as many server as you want to (default is five, but you can increase this limitation for free) . They charge you for what you use . When you destroy your VPS, your money is safe-kept
  9. Google Authenticator for account 2-step verification,  KVM technology give you the option to control the VPS through line console over web interface, Commission for anyone you refer, API RESTful , automated  RSA  Key for your next VPS creation …do_4
  10. Paying through Credit card or Paypal, very fast and secure.And there will be much much more for you to find out at : Website : WWW.DIGITALOCEAN.COM
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