What’s the difference between remind of and remind about?

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Remind of: là 1 sự vật hiện tượng xảy ra làm cho bạn chợt nhớ lại điều gì, ký ức tràn về,  đại loại thế

Remind about: sự nhắc nhở, lời nhắc nhở, nhắc nhở đến cái gì đó để khỏi quên

RE + Mind: quay trở lại trong tâm trí

In the first case, what is causing the reminding is a TRIGGER EVENT. A trigger event is something which causes you to experience something in terms of something you are already familiar with. A trigger event can also cause a person psychologically to act, do or say something which may or may not be benificial to the person. A typical trigger is smell, which has many esoteric meanings, not necessarily literal, while the other senses normally are tied to some specific thing.

For example, you eat turkey during Thanksgiving dinner. Yet turkey’s can be cooked and eaten at any time of the year. So in the middle of the summer, you smell a neighbor cooking a turkey and it reminds you of your last Thanksgiving dinner and the conversations you had with your family. Smelling the turkey in summer triggered a memory of a past event and called up a memory of that event in the past. This is when we use the term REMIND OF. The turkey cooked during the summer reminded you of last Thanksgiving.

To be reminded about, typically is used when ANOTHER PERSON brings something to your attention. A friend, co-worker, teacher, parent, reminds you – It is time to get up out of bed to go to school. Breakfast is ready. It is time to take a test. Is your work assignment done? These are all reminders to you – it is time to get up out of bed, breakfast is ready to eat, prepare to take a test, where is your work at? You are reminded about something you must do or are required of you, usually by another person – although, if you use sticky notes, you can remind yourself of something you need to say or do, right? So it usually comes from someone else, but you can also do the reminding to yourself as well.

Now, here is one more thing. Look at the word “remind.” Let us rephrase this word to its true meaning:


Do you now see what it means? It means for you to COME BACK TO your mind. That is what remind means, getting back to your mind.


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