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  • Hadoop 2.2 Single Node Installation on CentOS 6.5

    By far the best tutorial for you to get started with Hadoop installation. Source : Introduction This HOWTO covers Hadoop 2.2 installation with CentOS 6.5. My series of tutorials are meant just as that – tutorials. The intent is to allow the user to gain familiarity with the application and should not be construed […]

  • A little bit of Python, FTP and CentOS

    Today I will approach the system using few lines of Python code : – Python code : FTP client – CentOS server :  FTP server Let’s get started ! FTP uses 2 port : 21 and (sometimes) 20 if the server is in active mode – or a random port (we’ll see them in this […]

  • Python setup tools easy_install Linux

    Let’s not use easy_install anyway: Cai dat easy_install cho linux, unix : I ran into a bit of trouble installing easy_install, after reading many useless articles, this is how I solved the problem,  actually it’s rather simple : Type : wget && python and you’re done .   Bonus : to […]

  • Install Backtrack 5 startx black screen hang up

    Cài đặt Backtrack 5, bị treo sau khi “startx” I encountered this problem whilst I was installing Backtrack 5 R3 using USB (multiboot) Well, I did google it and really found some helps, but after all I had to fix it myself If you have googled and try this but not sucess : Edit the […]

  • fedora 18 sound problem pulseaudio

    after installing fedora 18 KDE and have it updated, I got this problem and solved it by workaround : open command line interface and type : pulseaudio -k #to kill the process nohup pulseaudio -vv & > /dev/null # run it again and even you disconnect from the terminal, it still running   well, I […]

  • single click, double click to nagivate folder fedora 18

    This solution works for fedora 18 (KDE), if you’re currently using other versions or distros, just give it a try anyway : open command line interface : vi ~/.kde/share/config/kdeglobals add (below anything if exists) or modify this one : [KDE] SingleClick=false log out, log in and you’re all set . It’s going to take you […]

  • Digital Ocean Review : best cheap cloud VPS

    This one is by far the best VPS cloud service I’ve ever used Website : WWW.DIGITALOCEAN.COM Free registration, after that you will be able to see the Control Panel as a glance . These are some hightlighted features I’ll take you through : Awesomely CHEAP : 0.007$ per one hour, 5$  for a month of use, with […]

  • DigitalOcean VPS Review

    NOTE : PLEASE CLICK HERE FOR AN ENGLISH VERSION OF THIS POST, IT’S SURELY WORTH YOUR TIME ;-) Đây là dịch vụ VPS tốt nhất từ trước đến nay mà mình từng sử dụng Website : WWW.DIGITALOCEAN.COM Đăng ký thử 1 tài khoản dù chưa nạp tiền bạn vẫn có thể nhìn sơ lược Control Panel […]