Linux Tips

bash (zsh too) tricks from tutorialLinux

  • sudo !!: re-run previous command in sudo prepended
  • ctrl-k ctrl-u ctrl-w ctrl-y cutting/pasting text
  • less +F /  less then shift-f instead of tail
  • ctrl-x-e to continue editting shell in a text editor
  • alt-. to paste previous command’s argument
  • reset to reset/unbork your terminal
  • ctrl-a. ctrl-e to move to the start and end

bash search exact string

echo “This island is beautiful” | grep -w  is

view all available HDD’s/partitions?


Python locale error: unsupported locale setting:

export LC_ALL=C

in fact, this shit can be solved completely if you understand the locale of your host and remote machine. [todo] – i forgot how it looks like

Lock screen: ‘xscreensaver-command’ -lock

Free Proxies

Free VPN, OpenVPN

VirtualBox Ubuntu screen resolution resizable:

sudo apt-get install virtualbox-guest-dkms

multiple Python versions on any distros:

use conda or virtualenv

Repositories Centos Redhat Fedora epel:

Bash cut string substring

$ echo "abcdefghi" | cut -c2-6


Create user, change password remotely

Reload static ip address (when the old IP adress still persists):
sudo ifdown <network interface> && sudo ip addr flush <network interface> && sudo ifup <network interface>

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