Overview of Container Runtimes

Foundation OCI: Open Container Initiativefounded by Docker, CoreOS, and othersimage-specruntime-specCRI: Container Runtime Interface enables kubelet to use different runtimesCNI: Container Network Interface Container Runtimes high-level runtimes often incorporate low-level runtimes that are otherwise standalone projects.  If tomorrow you get the urge to add your own container project to the ever-growing jungle, you should make it… Continue reading Overview of Container Runtimes

Masternotdiscoveredexception elasticsearch

Sometimes, when you want to join a node to  elasticsearch cluster, this problem may occur (the reason may vary, but I think there are some limitations of using multicast here) Solution: Uncomment those lines in elasticsearch.yml We tell this host (node) to use unicast discovery instead of multicast, and then specify the master host manually… Continue reading Masternotdiscoveredexception elasticsearch

Koding : coding in the Cloud

https://koding.com [just calm down and move on, it’s gonna save your time later, trust me] This one is new to me so I’m going to have a brief introduction here, hopefully it’s worth your time reading this : 1. The first thing is an active support from the Community & Administrators : My question was answered… Continue reading Koding : coding in the Cloud