Masternotdiscoveredexception elasticsearch

Sometimes, when you want to join a node to  elasticsearch cluster, this problem may occur (the reason may vary, but I think there are some limitations of using multicast here)

Uncomment those lines in elasticsearch.yml

We tell this host (node) to use unicast discovery instead of multicast, and then specify the master host manually for this node.

Screenshot - 08042014 - 04:22:56 PM

Koding : coding in the Cloud [just calm down and move on, it’s gonna save your time later, trust me]

This one is new to me so I’m going to have a brief introduction here, hopefully it’s worth your time reading this :

1. The first thing is an active support from the Community & Administrators :
My question was answered in 5 minutes if not less :



2. They give you the Terminal with “sudo”, where you can easily manage all of your apps :




3. You’re not alone ! “Teamwork” is available for big projects with a lot of frameworks serve your needs

x02_teamwork4. Editor in town, code highlighter and syntax hinting :


5. DevTool for the ease of deployment :


6. Installing applications can’t never be easier, after few clicks, my app is up and running :




7. The Environment , where you not only have an overview of the topology but also deploy each of the components :


8. Checking the System Health lets you know what is going on under the hood :


9. Pricing ? Well, it’s totally free for individual like me without so much demand of performance, hardware …etc. And I think the pricing is reasonable for those who pay for this service:



This website gives you 3GB of space and you can earn up to 20GB if you introduce it to your friends (500MB each)

If you find this post useful, here is the registration URL:


Muchas gracias !